Histology (MFPL)

The Histology Facility provides equipment needed for the histological/histopathological analysis of tissue samples. The Facility is open to all MFPL staff and students, temporary guests and to external institutions after prior consultation of the head of the facility and the scientific supervisor.  


  • Basic training and supervision of users: histological techniques and equipment
  • Update sessions for new and current users
  • Troubleshooting on demand
  • research, validation and establishment of new histological methods
  • support for project works (MFPL internal users)
  • individual concept solutions (external users)  



·         Shandon Excelsior tissue processor (Histocom)
·         Paraffin-embedding center Histostar (Histocom)
·         Automated slide stainer GEMINI AS (Histocom)
·         Automated rotary microtome RM2255 (Leica)
·         Cryostat Microm HM 500 OM, Cryostat Microm HM 550 (Histocom)
·         Microdissection / Imaging Unit (Leica)
·         Microscope Imager M1 + AxioCamMRc5 (Zeiss)
·         Stereomicroscope Discovery V.12 (Zeiss)
·         Slide Scanner VS120 (Olympus)
·         Slide Scanner Pannoramic Scan (3D Histech)
·         V-sight Veterinary Hematology Analyzer (Menarini)
·         Histology Analysis PC  


By using the services of the MFPL Histology Facility you agree to acknowledge us in your publications: “We (resp. the authors) acknowledge the service of the MFPL Histology Facility, a member of VLSI (+ optional service description).”


Internal Users (MFPL): www.intranet.mfpl.ac.at  


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Type I Interferon Signaling Prevents IL-1β-Driven Lethal Systemic Hyperinflammation during Invasive Bacterial Infection of Soft Tissue; Castiglia et al.; Cell Host Microbe. 2016 Mar 9;19(3):375-87. doi: 10.1016/j.chom.2016.02.003.


MFPL Main Building - Level 4 - Room 4.520
Dr.-Bohr-Gasse 9, 1030 Vienna  


Irmgard Fischer
Head of Facility               


Manuela Baccarini
Scientific Supervisor                   

+43-1-4277- 54607